Town Administrator

The Town Administrator, Kellie A. Hebert, is appointed by the five-member Board of Selectmen.  The title of Town Administrator was established by a 2005 Town Meeting vote which authorized the new position as of January of 2007.

The Town Administrator is an agent of the Board of Selectmen. Members of the Board are elected and are responsible to provide general oversight of matters not specifically delegated by, state law or a Town Meeting vote, to another officer or board. The Board appoints a Town Administrator to supervise staff and oversee the daily operations and delivery of municipal services that are performed by the departments under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen.

The Town Administrator works, on behalf of the Board of Selectmen, to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Settle claims against the town or employ counsel in suits against the town
  • Call for Annual or Special Town Meetings
  • Prepare Town Meeting warrants
  • Compile and submit the Town's Annual Report
  • Sign all bonds and notes for borrowing, purchasing, leasing, or disposing of town property

In addition to assisting with the duties of the the Board of Selectmen, the Town Administrator serves in multiple professional capacities as the Town's Personnel Director, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Capital Planning Director for the Town.

For more information, call or email Debi Morong, Executive Assistant at or 978-887-1500.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Debi Morong (978) 887-1500