Health Department

Board of Health News:

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Board of Health Description and Duties

The Board of Health is composed of 5 members who are appointed by the Select Board. Local boards of health in Massachusetts are required by state statutes and regulations to perform many important and crucial duties relative to the protection of public health, the control of disease, the promotion of sanitary living conditions and the protection of the environment from damage and pollution. These requirements reflect the legislature’s understanding that many critical health problems are best handled by the involvement of local community officials familiar with local conditions. The Board of Health also works closely with other community groups to provide health information and services to the citizens of Topsfield. The links below lead to further information about the activities of the Board of Health.

8 West Common Street, Topsfield, MA 01983
Phone: (978) 887-1520
Fax: (978) 887-1502

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Wendy Hansbury REHS/RS Health Director (978)887-1520
Susan Winslow Senior Administrative Assistant
Julia Lobel RN Tri-Town Public Health Nurse 978-887-1520
Mark Carleo Tri-Town Public Health Inspector

Board Members

Name Title
Sheryl Knutsen RN Chair
Mark Rizza Member
William Hunt Esq. Member
Ellen Eaton RN Member
Amy Lischko MSPH, DSc Member