Planning and Zoning


The Planning Board consists of five members elected for overlapping terms. The responsibilities of the Planning Board encompass the overall planning for the use of land and resources within the town. The Planning Board:

  • Is the local authority for the Subdivision Control Act; adopting Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of land in the Town of Topsfield; reviewing all preliminary and definitive plan submittals; accepting ANR (Approval Not Required) lots.
  • Creates and adopts a Master Plan pursuant to Chapter 41, Section 81D of the General Laws of Massachusetts.
  • Is the Site Plan Review Authority
  • Drafts and submits to Town Meeting zoning bylaws and bylaw amendments
  • Is the Special Permit Granting Authority for Family Accessory Apartments, Common Driveways,Business Park District Development, and Wind Energy Conservation Systems
  • Reviews and approves acceptance of streets as Town public ways with recommendations to the Selectmen and to Town Meeting
  • Under the Scenic Roads Act (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 15C), recommends roads for consideration as Scenic Roads and is the Special Permit Granting Authority for changing features along scenic roads.

Board Members

Name Title
Martha A. Morrison Chairman
Steven B. Hall Clerk
Jennie Merrill Member
Greg Mellinger Member
C. Josh Rownd Member



Town Hall

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