Parks / Cemeteries


The Topsfield Park and Cemeteries Department is responsible for managing and maintaining the parks and cemeteries of the Town of Topsfield. The Town parks include Klock Park (located between North Street and Route 1, with access from North Street), Pye Brook Community Park (located between Bare Hill Road and Route 97/Haverhill Road, with access from Haverhill Road). Other parks in the Town include Emerson Park, Normandy Row Park and the Common.

Information concerning the use of the Town parks by athletic teams or other groups is available by contacting the Topsfield Department of Public Works at 978-887-1542. For the Parks and Field Use Rules and Regulations Policy, please see the Documents and Forms tab.

The Topsfield Park and Cemeteries Department offers active and leisure recreation activities. These many activities include soccer, baseball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, horseshoes, nature observation and picnicking. The Park and Cemeteries Department works closely with the Topsfield Athletic Association (TAA).

The cemeteries in the Town of Topsfield are multi-denominational. There are residence requirements to purchase lots. Information concerning the purchase of lots or rules and regulations may be obtained from the Superintendent. The Pine Grove Cemetery is located on Route 97 (Haverhill Road) and has approximately forty (40) acres. Boston Street Cemetery is located on Route 1 near the Topsfield Police Department and has approximately two and a half (2.5) acres. South Side Cemetery is located on Rowley Bridge Road and has approximately one (1) acre. All of these cemeteries include graves of historical interest. Some of the graves are dated to the earliest period of settlement in Topsfield.

The Topsfield Park and Cemeteries Department also maintains the grounds of the Topsfield Town Hall, the Topsfield Town Library, Public Works Facility, Police Station, Steward Elementary School, Proctor Elementary School, Emerson Park, Grove Street Tennis Courts, Steward Tennis Courts, Normandy Row Park, Commuter Lot, Wheatland (Sled) Hill, ten baseball diamonds, properties at the Fairgrounds

In case of emergency, Topsfield Police:  (978) 887-2116


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Paul Fontaine Assistant Superintendent
Peter Miller Equipment Operator
Stephen J. Shepard Jr. Equipment Operator
Gary Wildes Superintendent
Elisabeth Perkins Sr. Administrative Assistant