Facts about Topsfield

Topsfield, Massachusetts - Established in 1680

The Town of Topsfield, Massachusetts was incorporated as a Town in 1650 and is located in Essex County in northeastern Massachusetts. Topsfield is bordered by the Towns of Ipswich on the north, Hamilton and Wenham on the east, Middleton and Danvers to the south and Boxford on the west. It is located about 25 miles north of Boston and is within one mile of Interstate Route 95 and US Route 1. The Town has a population of approximately 6,500 residents.  The town is a fairly compact with 13 square miles with rolling hills and winding streams, 60 miles of roadways and 25 miles of sidewalks and bike paths.  In addition to the local village shopping center, ther are various small businesses located principally along Route 1; however, the Town remains primarily a residential community that retains a rural character with a typical New England Town Common.

Population (2014)6,494
Median Family Income (2017 - U.S. Department of Commerce)$152,083
Number of Residential Parcels (Fiscal Year 2018)2,170
Total Valuation (Fiscal Year 2018)$1,362,278,394
% Residential92.6569%
% Commercial4.51%
% Industrial1.319%
% Personal Property1.5141%
Average Single Family Home Assessed Value (Fiscal Year 2018)$583,083
Average Single Family Home Tax Bill (Fiscal Year 2017 - Massachusetts Department of Revenue)$9,345
Tax Rate (Fiscal Year 2017 - Massachusetts Department of Revenue)$16.93
Average Single Family Home Sales Price (2016 - Topsfield Assessor's Office)$628,212
Town Budget (Fiscal Year 2018)$28,194,868

For further information visit the Massachusetts Department of Revenue Municipal Data Bank.