NOTICE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Topsfield schools are closed. Click here for the Tri-Town School Union website with more information.


Elementary Schools

The Topsfield School Department operates Steward Elementary School (Grades K-3) and Proctor School (Grades 4-6). Topsfield, Boxford and Middleton comprise the Tri-Town Union through which the elementary schools of the three towns share administrative and other services.


The Topsfield School Committee oversees the Topsfield School Department that operates the Steward Elementary School (Grades K-3) and the Proctor Elementary School (Grades 4-6). Please visit the Topsfield School Committee website for current School Committee news and information.

Steward School Principal

Carroll Willa
Mailing Address: 261 Perkins Row 
Topsfield, MA 01983-1599 
Phone: (978) 887-1538 
FAX: (978) 887-7462 
County: Essex
DOE Region:Northeast
SDA:North Shore

Proctor School Principal

Sarah O'Leary
Mailing Address: 60 Main Street 
Topsfield, MA 01983-1497 
Phone: (978) 887-1530 
FAX: (978) 887-1531 
County: Essex 
DOE Region:Northeast 
SDA:North Shore

Superintendent of Schools

Scott Morrison 
Mailing Address: 28 Middleton Road 
Boxford, MA 01921 
Phone: (978) 887-0771 
FAX: (978) 887-8042 
County: Essex 
DOE Region:Northeast 
SDA:North Shore 

 Click here for further information about Topsfield's Elementary Schools at the Tri-Town School Union.

Board Members

Name Title
Charise Rohm Nulsen-Chair Member
Meredith Sokolowski-Vice Chair Member
Shawn Malloy Member
Andrew Prazar Member
Gus Serino Member