Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control Officer is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing the Canine Control Bylaw, specifically to attend to all complaints and other matters pertaining to dogs and to take whatever legal action is authorized by law. Among the Animal Control Officer's responsibilities are:

  • Confining abandoned and abused dogs
  • Collecting stray animals
  • Managing the disposition of impounded dogs
  • Referring to the Animal Inspector for quarantine dogs that have bitten a person or other animals
  • Responding to nuisances such as uncontrolled, threatening or barking dogs

The Animal Control Officer has the authority to issue fines, and orders of restraint or confinement. Such fines and orders may be appealed in writing within 10 days to the Board of Selectmen who will hold a public hearing on the matter.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Ms. Carol Larocque Animal Control Officer