Treasurer & Collector


The Tax Collector and Treasurer's Office is responsible for the collection of all monies due to the Town including:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes
  • Water Bills
  • Departmental Receipts

The Collector/Treasurer Department is responsible for issuing payroll for Town and School employees, bill warrants for payment of all vendors and the reconciliation of checks and bank accounts. The Division issues debt required for authorized short-term and long-term borrowing and handles life insurance reporting and benefit administration.

  • For motor vehicle abatement information, see Assessor's Office.
  • Real Estate Taxes are billed quarterly and are due August, November, February and May.
  • Please direct inquiries concerning water bills or rates to the Water Department (external site).

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Staff Contacts

Morgan Dwinell

Town Treasurer

Pamela Rogers

Payroll Benefit Administrator