Open Space Committee


Topsfield possesses a rich legacy of forests, fields, streams, marshes and hilltops. These natural resources provide the town's citizens with clean water, protection from flooding, scenic byways and recreational enjoyment. This rich legacy also provides a crucial habitat for wildlife including many rare species of plants and animals. Encroaching development threatens the character, natural resources and way of life in Topsfield and so many other small rural towns in the Northeast. Once open space is lost, it is lost forever.

The Open Space Committee is responsible for writing, maintaining and implementing an "Open Space Plan" that reflects our town's committment to protecting natural spaces while providing a blueprint for sustainable development. Preserving open space can deliver profound economic benefits by helping communities avoid the costly mistakes of misusing or overwhelming precious resources. After the Open Space Committee develops the Town's Open Space plan, it submits the plan to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation Services for approval. In order to be eligible to apply for many state grants, Topsfield must have an approved Open Space Plan. At the same time, the Open Space Plan is integrated into the Master Plan developed by the Planning Board.

Topsfield residents interested in working with our committee should contact the chairman.

Thanks to those who participated in the 2017 Open Space & Recreation Survey. It is now closed and the results are being incorporated into the 2018 Open Space & Recreation Plan. Upon completion of the draft copy it will be posted on this website and an Open Forum for comments will be scheduled.

Board Members

Name Title
Joe Geller Chairman
Reginald Lockwood Member
David Merrill Clerk
Melissa Ogden Member
Martha Sanders Member
Martha Sanders