Town Hall Move

Town Hall Offices have moved to 461 Boston Street, Unit E-6 at the rear of the New England Business Park.

Summer Hours - May 26th - September 1st: Monday - Thursday, 8AM - 5PM. Closed on Friday.

Town Hall Groundbreaking Ceremony

On behalf of the Town Hall Building Committee and the Board of Selectmen everyone is cordially invited to the Groundbreaking event for the Town Hall Preservation, Renovation and Addition Project to be held on August 23rd at 10am, 8 West Common Street. Please click here for further information.

Rolling Green Local Preference Plan


Rolling Green of Topsfield is accepting non-binding reservations for those interested in purchasing certain two-bedroom units in the over-55 townhouse development located at 470 Boston Street in Topsfield. Preference is given to Topsfield residents, their families, and former Topsfield residents, respectively, subject to the terms of the Local Preference Plan. The preference period expires 45 days after the announcement. Full terms and conditions are available on request. For more details and contact information, please click here.

Mandatory Outdoor Water Ban

A Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Restriction is now in effect due to very low Ipswich River streamflow.  Outdoor use is limited to hand-held implements before 9 AM or after 5 PM each day. The use of irrigation systems is prohibited. The restriction applies to public water customers and private well owners.  Please visit for more information.”

Trash and Recycling Reminder

Please remember that trash and recyling must be at curbside by 7 AM on collection days.

Friends' Annual Meeting

The Friends' Annual Meeting was held Monday, June 19, 2017, at which time the updated by-laws and slate of officers for the executive board were unanimously approved. As of June 19th, the officers of the Friends of the Topsfield Town Library board are: Susan Grant, President, Mary Shannon, Vice President, Susie Read, Treasurer, Suzie Ryder, Secretary. The Friends look forward to starting another exciting and productive year in September. Please watch for notices of events and consider volunteering. Attendance at any of the board meetings which are held every second Wednesday of the month, except for July and August, at the library at 9:15 A.M. is welcome. Please remember to take advantage of the Friends' 16 museum passes over the summer. Sign up to reserve one at the front desk of the library!

Water Quality Report

The Topsfield Water Department’s 2016 Water Quality Report is now available at the Water Department Office or online at

Messages from Topsfield TRIAD

A loved one missing? How will you find him or her? Call the Topsfield Fire Department at 978-887-5148/3895 and ask them about SafetyNet Tracking Systems.

An Emergency at Your House! Fire Dept. Cannot Open The Door. "Having a Lock-Box will give the Fire Department a key to your house, so we can open your front door in an emergency. The Lock-Box is securely attached to your house and only the Fire Department has the code to open the box. If we do not have the key, we need to forcibly open the door to get to you”, said Captain Jen-Collins Brown, of the Topsfield Fire Department. Please call the Fire Department at 978-887-5148/3895 for more information about this important service. The Lock-Box and installation are free.

Composting Center

9 am - 1 pm Saturdays Only at Highway Department, 279 Boston Street. No weekday drop offs.

Season passes and one day tickets may be purchased at Selectmen's Office at Town Hall Offices, 461 Boston Street, Unit E-6 in Topsfield.

Season Pass - $75.00

One Day Ticket - $10.00

For more information, visit

Preschool Screenings at Steward School

The Steward Integrated Preschool conducts preschool screenings throughout the school year for Topsfield children ages 3 to 5.

Contact Jenny Churchill, Special Education Services Coordinator, at Steward School, 978-887-1538 x4401 or email to schedule an appointment if you have any concerns about the current development of your child.

Events and Friends at the Library

Visit the Library's website: for the latest events

Sign up for the Friends of the Topsfield Library Newsletter for all the coming events: and support our library by joining the Friends.

Friends Newsletter for July

Tri-Town Council Spring Newsetter

The Tri-Town Council Spring Newsletter is now available at:

Senior Scoop - Council on Aging Newsletter

The July 2017 edition of the Council on Aging's Newsletter, Senior Scoop, and previous editions are available here.

Operation Concern

Operation Concern is a service provided to Topsfield senior citizens and disabled residents, in conjunction with the Topsfield Police Department, Topsfield TRIAD and the Topsfield Council on Aging. It is totally voluntary. The purpose of the program is to give seniors and disabled residents a means of checking in to the Police Department on a daily basis to tell them that they are ok.

Please click here to get more information and the form.

Cable TV Announcements

Topsfield Cable TV accepts announcements for its Community Bulletin Board. Please submit text announcements of fewer than 600 characters for best results. Alternatively, send a pre-formatted image that will show exactly as-is when aired. The image file must be 720x540 pixels and in .jpg or .ppt format. Please e-mail announcements to Tuesday-Friday before 5 PM for immediate posting.