Participating at Town Meeting

To address the meeting a voter should rise, ask to be recognized by the Moderator, and state his or her name and address. He may discuss the question, make or amend a motion, pose a question of order, or ask for information. Microphones are set up throughout the auditorium. Individuals who have been recognized should go to one of these to speak. A voter may address the Moderator on any warrant article. Questions are encouraged. Amendments can be offered and will be voted on individually.

Amendments must be presented to the Moderator in writing. If you are considering making an amendment, the Moderator recommends that you speak with him in advance of Town meeting to make sure that the proposed amendment is properly worded and falls within the scope of the Warrant article in question. After discussion on the amendment, the Moderator calls for a vote on the amendment only. If passed, the original motion as amended is voted upon. Amendments to amendments will generally be ruled out of order. Motions or amendments which differ materially and are beyond the scope of those printed in the Warrant will be ruled out of order.