Hear from the experts!
A group of adventurers from the Topsfield COA hang out on a seaside porch!

There is an abundance of unity in the incredible commUNITY that is the Topsfield Council on Aging.  If you haven't yet participated in a COA event, now is the time!

From our shoppers...We are very fortunate to have the COA and our bus driver.  He accommodates people very well.

All Awesome People.. They really do care about the aging and they put their time, money, and talent where their mouths are.. Meaning they backup what they say.

...such a fun event. Glad to be part of it!!

Great work for the community.

The COA is my family.  I'm in my 90s and live alone but I can always count on the COA to provide support and to answer my questions about Medicare, taxes, etc.  I visit the VNA "Keep Well & Blood Pressure Clinic" often and the information gathered helps my doctor develop a better treatment plan.

I feel blessed to have Topsfield COA in my life. It is the safety net under my trapeze wire, my friend in a storm and, at times, my guardian angel.

Since starting Meals on Wheels over a year ago, I have gained the 10 pounds I needed to get to a healthy weight.  The meals are delicious and well seasoned.  The meal schedule is well laid out and informative.



To submit a testimonial about your experiences with the Topsfield Council on Aging, please email Executive Director Paula Burke at pburke@topsfield-ma.gov.