Renewable Energy / Green Communities Committee


The purpose of the Renewable Energy/Green Community Committee is to investigate the application of the provisions of the Green Communities Act to the Town of Topsfield and to advise the Board of Selectmen on ways in which the Town can prepare to participate in State and Federal programs aimed at improving energy efficiency and developing alternative and renewable energy sources. 

The Committee shall:

  1. Identify opportunities for Topsfield to comply with provisions of the Green Communities Act and estimate the costs, benefits and other effects to the town and its residents of such compliance
  2. Identify the potential for developing renewable energy within the town
  3. Identify any issues with public or private development of renewable energy in Topsfield
  4. Recommend feasible projects for energy conservation by the town or by its residents
  5. Recommend feasible projects, if any, for renewable energy generation by the town
  6. Recommend possible educational initiatives to provide information to the public
  7. Identify any state and federal energy conservation or renewable energy initiatives that have developed since the enactment of the Green Communities Act and the ARRA
  8. Submit reports to the Selectmen as the Committee deems appropriate and when requested by the Selectmen and provide a final report when the committee’s investigations are complete.

Board Members

Name Title
Chip Goudreau Chair
Bruce Dyas Member
Greg Mellinger Member
Glen Gollrad Member
Robert Winship Member

Staff Contacts


Board of Selectmen's Office
8 West Common St.
Topsfield, MA 01983

(978) 887-1500