Personnel Advisory Committee

Description: as noted in the PERSONNEL BY-LAW, Chapter XLI

Section 8.0: Personnel Advisory Committee

The Personnel Director shall appoint a Personnel Advisory Committee consisting of a minimum of three (3) residents of the Town and one (1) active salaried full time empoloyee. In order to provide for a reasonable transition from the prior Personnel Board to the Personnel Advisory Committee, the incumbent members of the Personnel Board shall remain to form the first Personnel Advisory Committee.

The purposeof the Personnel Advisory Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen, Personnel Director and appropriate Town agencies and committees on non-union personnel policy issues referred to it by the Personnel Director. The Committee shall review and recommend changes for consideration by the Personnel Director and Selectmen on proposed personnel policices and practices, compensation and fringe benefit policies and or practices, and organizational changes remmended to the Selecment by the Personnel Director.


Selectmen's Office
Town Hall
(978) 887-1500

Board Members

Name Title
David Bond Member
Elizabeth Cullinan Secretary
Roberta Sapienza Member