Topsfield Opioid Task Force

image of an opioid bottle tipped over and spilling out pills
As of 5/8/23 Massachusetts has received $525 million total funds from the opioid settlement. Additional amounts are projected in future settlements that are not yet finalized.
Allocation - 60% goes to the state's Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund and 40% goes to localities.
Key Takeaways - Focus of use of funding is on opioid prevention, harm reduction, substance use treatment and recovery, specifically strengthening reather than supplanting existing funding streams.
Highlights From AG’s Settlement:
From 2009 through September 2021, state records show that 18,061 Massachusetts residents died of opioid-related overdoses. More than 68% of those people – 12,372 Massachusetts residents – filled prescriptions for Schedule II opioids written by Massachusetts prescribers.
Opioid Manufacturers used unfair and deceptive sales tactics to aggressively promote prescription opioids, including through tens of thousands of in-person sales calls to Massachusetts prescribers, resulting in a flood of inappropriate prescriptions. Opioid Distributors failed to implement adequate suspicious order monitoring systems, ignored red flags, and shipped thousands of suspicious orders to pharmacies across the state. Pharmacies across the state dispensed opioid prescriptions without sufficient regard for their legitimacy, in violation of their corresponding responsibility. The Resulting Tragedy: This misconduct enabled and perpetuated vast increases in opioid over-dispensing and diversion, and multiplied the toll of substance use disorder, overdose, and death that the Commonwealth and its residents continue to suffer.
Topsfield will receive over $135k from the settlement agreement, in $6k-$8k installments over the next 15 years.
Request for Feedback:
Opioid Settlement Community Feedback Form Request for Information - Online Link for Survey.
Pick up a paper copy available in the Town Administrator's Office at Topsfield Town Hall, 8 West Common St, Topsfield MA.
Consider Sharing Your Lived Experience - Invitation to participate as guest speaker:
Would you consider sharing your experience with the Topsfield Opioid Community Roundtable? Tell us about your experience with the opioid epidemic. Your input will help shape decision-making for the opioid funds usage in Topsfield.
Contact Samantha Morin for the next meeting details: