Be prepared for events such as a blizzard, hurricane or other situations where one might be confined to their home for several days. Staying in your home is often safer than seeking outside shelter in major disaster events.

Scam Alerts

One is being scammed when one gives important personal and financial information to an individual who has no right to this information. Scammers use the phone, email, and solicitations at one's home. Once the scammer has this information, he can wreck havoc with your personal and financial security.


A basement full of file boxes. The attic is overflowing with knickknacks. Closets filled with clothes. Wonderful memories that are never looked at, never worn, but may be used some day! Some day never arrives until events outside of your control force you or others to deal with all this Clutter. Having too much clutter is a safety hazard not only to you, but to those trying to help you in an emergency.

9-1-1 Disability Indicator Form

If you have a disability, please complete the 9-1-1 Disability Indicator Form and give it to the Topsfield Police Department. Then, if there is an emergency, they will know that you have a special need such as oxygen, wheelchair, or other special equipment. click here for form

Operation Concern

Operation Concern is a service provided to the Senior Citizens and disabled residents of Topsfield by the Topsfield Police Department and the Communications Center personnel, in conjunction with the Topsfield Council on Aging. It is voluntary on your part. Just complete a short form, and all you do is call the police department every day before 10:00 am. If you do not call, the PD will come by and check to see that you are ok. click here for form

Volunteer Opportunities

TRIAD has no paid staff. We are all volunteers. Please attend the monthly meetings at the Topsfield Room, Second Floor, Topsfield Library. Your suggestions and input will be very helpful. If there is an area where your expertise can be helpful, volunteer!