Help with Online Payments

Initial Screen

  1. Please be sure that you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher for Windows.
  2. Please have your Bill Number and Checking Account Number ready
  3. The first screen you see will be this:

UniPay Online Payment Center
Please ignore the red asterisk next to "Primary ID". A Primary ID is NOT required.

        4. Use the pull-down menu next to activity to select the type of bill you wish to pay.

UniPay Online Payment Center

        5. Once selected, the screen will change so that you can enter your "Bill Number" and "Tax Year".

UniPay Online Payment Center

        6. Press "Continue"

Second Screen

  1. If the customer information is correct, please enter your e-mail address. Enter e-mail address in the 2nd box to confirm.
  2. If customer information is incorrect, please go back to the previous screen and re-enter information. Once information is confirmed and entered, press the "Continue" button.

Third Screen

  1. Your payment information will appear on this screen. There are two fields that need to be filled in on this screen.
  2. Enter bank routing number from your bank check (refer to graphic above box).
  3. Enter account number from your bank check.
  4. Once information is entered, press the "Continue" button.

Fourth Screen

  1. Confirmation information is provided on this screen. Please verify that all information is correct. Once information is verified, press the  "Submit" button to authorize payment (press submit only once).
  2. If information needs to be corrected, press "Cancel".

Fifth Screen

This screen provides a printable receipt. The receipt has a confirmation number acknowledging that your request for payment has been received. You will also receive a copy of this confirmation by e-mail.