Recycling Zones

Topsfield Trash Collection and Recycling Zones


Topsfield has a Pay-As-You-Throw trash collection program. The Town is divided into three zones. Your zone determines the day of the week your trash and recycling are collected.

  • Zone 1 - Wednesday
  • Zone 2 - Thursday
  • Zone 3 - Friday
Aaron Drive2 
Alderbrook Drive1 
Andrews Road3 
Arrowhead Road2 
Asbury Street3 
Audobon Drive3 
Averill Street3 
Bare Hill Road2 
Birch Lane2 
Blueberry Lane2 
Boardman Lane2 
Boston Street1Danvers Line to Maple Street
Boston Street3Maple Street to Ipswich Line
Boxford Road1 
Bradstreet Lane1 
Brady Lane2 
Brook Road1 
Brookside Road3 
Caitlin Lane3 
Campmeeting Road3 
Candlewood Drive3 
Canterbury Hill Road3 
Carriage Way1 
Central Street2West of Route 1
Central Street3East of Route 1
Cleary Lane1 
Colrain Road2 
Comstock Lane2 
Coppermine Road1 
Coventry Lane2 
Cross Street1 
Deer Run2 
Dover Hill Road3 
East Street3 
Forrest Road1 
Fox Run Road1 
Fuller Farms Road1 
Gail Circle2 
Gail Place2 
Gail Street2 
Garden Street1 
Glen Road1 
Great Hill Drive2 
Grove Street2 
Haverhill Road2 
Heritage Lane1 
High Street1Valley Road to Danvers Line
High Street2West of Route 1
High Street3East of Route 1 to Valley Road
High Ridge Road1 
Hill Street1 
Homestead Way1 
Honor Place3 
Howlett Street2West of Route 1
Howlett Street3East of Route 1
Ipswich Road2West of Route 1
Ipswich Road3East of Route 1
Johns Lane1 
Juniper Lane3 
Kent Road2 
Kinsman Lane1 
Kinsman Circle1 
Ledgewood Circle3 
Linebrook Road2 
Lockwood Lane1 
Main Street2 
Mansion Drive2 
Maple Street1West of Route 1
Maple Lane3 
Maple Street3East of Route 1
McLeod Lane1 
Meadowview Road1 
Meetinghouse Lane3 
Mill Brook Lane1 
Morningside Drive1 
New Meadow Lane1 
Normandy Row2 
North Street2 
North Common Street2 
Oak Drive2 
Orchard Lane2 
Park Street2 
Parsonage Lane2 
Pemberton Road1 
Perkins Circle3 
Perkins Row3 
Pheasant Lane2 
Pine Street2 
Pine Ridge Road1 
Pond Street2 
Porter Meadow Road1 
Proctor Drive3 
Prospect Street1 
Ridgeview Road3 
River Road1 
Robert Road2 
Ross Road1 
Rowley Road2 
Rowley Bridge Street1 
Salem Road1 
School Avenue2 
Silverbrook Road1 
Sleepy Hollow Road1 
South Main Street1 
Stagecoach Road2 
Summer Street2 
Surrey Lane1 
Thompson Lane2 
Timber Lane2 
Towne Lane2 
Valley Road1 
Walker Road2 
Washington Street1Colrain Road to Boxford Lane
Washington Street2Main Street to Colrain Road
Wenham Road1 
Wildes Street3 
William Road1 
Willowdale Road3 
Wilmor Road2 
Winsor Lane3 
Woodbrier Road3 
Woodside Road2