Subdivision Rules & Regulations

Planning Board Subdivision Control Rules and Regulations

These materials are posted for the convenience of the public. By-laws, rules and regulations are subject to change, so interested parties are advised to consult the official versions of Town documents that are kept in the Town Clerk's Office and in the offices of the Town's boards and committees.

Section 1

  • Table of Contents
  • Article 1 Purpose and Authority 
  • Article 2 Definitions

Section 2

  • Article 3 General

Section 3

  • Article 4 Procedures for the Submission and Approval of Plans

Section 4

  • Article 5 Design and Construction Standards

Section 5

  • Article 6 Administration 
  • Article 7 Effective Date and Repealer

Section 6

  • Table 1 Geometric Design Standards 
  • Appendix Requirements for Environmental Impact Statement



  • Checklist for Review of Preliminary Plan
  • Checklist for Review of Definitive Plan
  • Checklist for Review of Environmental Impact Statement


  • Form A - Application for Endorsement of Plan Believed Not to Require Approval
  • Form B - Application for Approval Preliminary Plan / Definitive Plan
  • Form C - Certified List of Abutters
  • Form D - Departmental Review of Subdivision Plan 
  • Form E - Certificate of Planning Board Action 
  • Form F - Performance Bond - Secured by Deposit
  • Form G - Performance Bond - Surety Company 
  • Form H - Convenant Cnditional Approval Contract
  • Form I - Approval for Release of Bonds, Surety or Conditions
  • Form J - Request for Inspection of Construction of Improvements
  • Form K - Notice of Release of Bonds or Surety 
  • Form L - Release of Convenant 
  • Form M - Petition for Insertion of Application for Acceptance in Warrant for Annual Town Meeting