There are ways to save on costs other than fees associated with filings for public hearings (RDA, NoI, ANRAD). For example, abutter notifications may be mailed with Certificates of Mailing rather than the significantly more costly Certified Mailings with return receipts.

A recorded Order of Conditions (permit for work near/in Resource Areas) is released from the property deed by recording a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Conservation Commission. Find your Order of Conditions at

Please contact the Commission office for details.

The General Wetlands Bylaw Regulations revision including the new Topsfield Conservation Commission Administrator Permit  (TCCAP) for limited Buffer Zone activity became effective on FEBRUARY 1, 2010.

RDNI and TCCAP applications are 1-page applications with attached sketch/plan, do not require legal notice or abutter notification, and have a Bylaw (only) fee of $75. RDNIs go before the Commission at a posted meeting; TCCAPs are reviewed and issued by the Conservation Administrator.