Topsfield Town Government

Topsfield, like many New England towns, is governed by Town Meeting and a group of elected and appointed boards whose powers and authorities are enabled by numerous statutes in the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town Code (General By-laws) of Topsfield. Over time this system has evolved to include a large number of departments, boards, committees and commissions, some of which employ agents.

Town Departments are managed and operated by Town employees who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Town. Town Departments provide municipal services and attend to Topsfield's ongoing business. An elected Town board or official supervises each Town Department.

Town Boards, Committees and Commissions are either elected or appointed. The citizens who serve on these boards are volunteers who, for the most part, are unpaid. Only the Selectmen, Assessors and members of the Planning Board receive nominal compensation for their service. Certain boards, committees and commissions are empowered and regulated by Massachusetts General Law and the By-laws of the Town of Topsfield. Such boards have jurisdiction over various areas of Topsfield's government, resources, or public welfare. Other boards, committees, and commissions are appointed for ad hoc purposes, i.e. to study a particular issue or supervise a particular project. All meetings of all official Town boards, committees and commissions are posted at least forty-eight hours in advance and are open to the public in accordance with the Open Meeting Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The Selectmen are the chief elected officers of the Town. The Town Departments and the other boards and committees are responsible for managing land use, finance, public safety, public works and the many services provided by the Town.

Town Calendar

Monday, October 24
8:30 am : Essex Regional Retirement System
10:15 am : TRIAD
3:00 pm : Board of Selectmen Contract Negotiations SubCom
5:00 pm : Board of Selectmen
5:30 pm : Essex NS Agricultural & Tech School-AdHoc Sign Sub
Tuesday, October 25
8:30 am : Board of Assessors
9:00 am : NE Mass Mosquito Control & Wetlands Mgmt District
Wednesday, October 26
5:00 pm : Board of Selectmen
7:00 pm : Conservation Commission
7:00 pm : Town Hall Building Committee
Thursday, October 27
7:30 pm : Alcohol Licensing Advisory Committee
Tuesday, November 1
7:30 pm : Planning Board
Wednesday, November 2
8:00 am : Town Hall Building Committee

Recycling Calendar

Wednesday, October 26
7:00 am : Recycling
Thursday, October 27
7:00 am : Recycling
Friday, October 28
7:00 am : Recycling

Community Events

No Events