General By-laws

These materials are posted for the convenience of the public.

Please note that the Master versions of the Town's General

and Zoning Bylaws are maintained by the Town Clerk's Office.

The Town is currently engaged in a comprehensive bylaw

codification project and is working to update the records of

current bylaws and associated documents to ensure accuracy

and completeness. This will allow for electronic access and

better search capabilities. Until the codification project is

complete, it is necessary for interested parties to conform

current bylaw versions to prior town meeting records.

The Town Clerk's Office is located at 461 Boston Street,

Unit E-6 in Topsfield. Please contact the Town Clerk by

phone at 978-887-1505 or email



Division I - Town Meeting Legislation

Part I - Administrative Legislation

Chapter I - General Provisions

Chapter II Administration

Part II - Town By-Laws

Chapter XXI Alarm System By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXIII - Canine Control By-Law(pdf file)

Chapter XXIV - Procurement Contract By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXV - Delinquent Taxpayers: Licenses And Permits By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXVI - Demolition Delay By-Law(pdf file)

Chapter XXVII - Historic District By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXVIII - Hunting And Trapping By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXIX - Junk Dealers By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XXX - Non-Criminal Disposition Enforcement By-Law (pdf file)


Article 1, Board of Health, Tobacco Control Access Program


Chapter XLI - Town of Topsfield Personnel By-Law

Chapter XLVIII - Right To Farm By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter XLIX - Soil Removal By-Law(pdf file)

Chapter L - Snow Removal By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LI - Stormwater Management & Erosion Control By-Law(Rev. 05/05/2015)

Chapter LII - Litter By-law (pdf file)

Chapter LIII - Underground Petroleum Product Storage Tank System By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LIV - Unregistered Motor Vehicle By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LV - Topsfield Scenic Road By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LVII - Recreational Vehicle Overnight Parking Ban By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LVIII - Water Supply By-Laws (pdf file)


Water Supply Betterment By-Law
Water Use Restriction By-Law
Automatic Lawn Sprinkler By-Law


Chapter LIX - Illicit Discharges to the Municipal Drain System

Chapter LX - Weight Limit for Commercial Vehicles By-Law (pdf file)

Chapter LXII - General Wetlands By-Law

Chapter LXIII - Stretch Code (pdf file)