Cable TV / Town Website Committee


  • Jeanne Pickering
  • Paul Luippold



The Cable TV \ Town Website Committee advises the Board of Selectmen on matters pertaining to cable television in the community and serves as a liaison with Comcast and Verizon, the cable TV franchises.

The Committee promotes educational, public access and local programming use by Town agencies and citizens.

In October of 2001 the Committee negotiated a 10-year contract for the Town's cable franchise. The contract deals primarily with "local access" programming on Topsfield's Channel 8. Under Federal and State laws, the contract does not set cable TV rates or address channel program content. In Dec. of 2006 the committee negotiated a second 15- year contract for competing cable service from Verizon on channel 47.

Beginning in the fall of 2013 Boxford Cable TV began the operation of Topsfield Cable TV on Channel 8/47. The daily programming schedule appears here. A community bulletin board is broadcast at various times during the day and evening with notices of news and events of community interest. These notices pertain exclusively to Topsfield and come from governmental and non-profit groups. No commercial advertising is accepted.

Volunteers are needed to help run Channel 8/47. Contact Bill Whiting at


Cable TV Support

If you believe that your cable TV bill is incorrect or you have concerns about your service or signal quality, call Comcast's Service Center at 888-633-4266 or Verizon's Customer Service Center at 888-553-1555.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution to your problem, you should call the Consumer Division of the Dept. of Telecommunications and Energy (800-392-6066) or write them at One South Station, Boston, MA 02110.  Both Comcast and Verizon are required to file reports of all complaints with the State and the Town.



Town Website Functions

The Town Website Committee was formed in 2003 to develop a Web site for the town.

The Committee was charged with the design and development of a Web site that provides information to citizens as well as others interested in learning about community information and services. The site also provides seamless links to other Town Internet resources and local businesses. The front page of the website includes notices of community news and events relating to Topsfield. No commercial advertising is accepted.

The committee has developed procedures to insure that the information is kept current and that new material will be available as required. This group recommends policy and sets procedures for the content and security of the website. We will manage the site and surpervise the day-to-day operation.

We seek ways to make the site more helpful and we welcome input. An email contact is available so that we may receive comments and suggestions from users.

This project is evolutionary in nature and will provide additional functionality as the Town's technology infrastructure is upgraded over time. The new Cable TV \ Town Website Committee will work with Town Government to develop new uses for the Web site.



Regular Meetings:

The second Wednesday of every month, at 7:30 pm in Town Hall.

For agendas and minutes of the combined Cable TV/Town Website Committee subsequent to July, 2011 and agendas and minutes of the Cable Committee prior to July, 2011, please see Meeting Agendas and Minutes

For agendas and minutes of the former Website Committee prior to July, 2011, please see Meeting Agendas and Minutes