Topsfield Board of Assessors


  • Lynn A. Conant, Chairman
  • Eldon D. Goodhue, MAA, Clerk
  • John W. Minnehan, Member


The Board of Assessors consists of three members elected for three-year overlapping terms.

Assessor's Office


Pauline Evans; Principal Assessor

    Katherine Jackson; Assistant to Principal Assessor

Contact Information:


  • Monday - Thursday 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Friday 8:00am to 12:00 noon


The Board of Assessors determines the valuation of all real and personal property as of January 1st each year for the purposes of taxation and in compliance with the General Laws of the Commonwealth. Valuations are generally based on the preceding calendar year's sales. The assessment date is for the fiscal year commencing July 1st and ending June 30th of the following year. If an owner is dissatisfied with his or her assessment, he or she may appeal to the Board of Assessors. If still aggrieved, an appeal may be made to the State Appellate Tax Board.

Fiscal Year 2015 Single Tax Rate $16.45

Fiscal 2015 filing deadline is February 2, 2015 at 4:00PM.

Applications for abatement of real and personal property tax must be received in the Assessors' Office on or before February 2, 2015 at 4PM; or mailed by United States Mail, first class postage prepaid, to the proper address of the assessors on or before the filing deadline as shown by a postmark made by the United States Postal Service.

The Board of Assessors is responsible for granting statutory exemptions and tax deferrals on an annual basis to those who qualify. Major exemption groups include surviving spouses or minor children, seniors, certain veterans and individuals certified as blind. Brochures explaining qualifications and applications are available upon request or can be obtained from the links below. The filing period is the three months after the actual (not preliminary) tax bills are mailed for the fiscal year.

The motor vehicle excise tax is administered through the Assessor's Office. The Registry of Motor Vehicles issues the bills. Revenue received from the motor vehicle excise tax is used to reduce the property tax in every community. Adjustments are made to the bill when a car is sold, traded or junked; or vehicle is registered in another state and plates are cancelled or transferred to another vehicle.

Applications for abatements and exemptions, information concerning valuations, copies of property record cards and town maps are available in the Assessor's office. Applications will be mailed upon request. Additional information and applications are available from the links below:

Additional Resources:

Board Meeting Schedule

Agendas and Minutes

Second and Fourth Friday at 8:30AM or as needed at Town Hall, Conference Room


Meeting Calendar

Friday, April 10
8:45 am : Agenda | Details
Friday, April 24
8:45 am : Agenda | Details
Friday, May 8
8:45 am : Agenda | Details
Friday, May 22
8:45 am : Agenda | Details
Friday, June 12
8:45 am : Agenda | Details